They are always highly rated purchases. The guitar produces warm, smooth and overdrive tones that are ideal for blues and jazz, yet can get aggressive and crunchy with the help of the Alnico humbuckers. The 10 best Stratocasters: our pick of the best Strat guitars. I have a Strat and an LP copy. LockTone Tune-o-Matic bridge with stopbar tailpiece. Body: Alder Required fields are marked. Fret Count: 21 Body: Alder Inside this issue: the best gear of 2020, Fender's new American Professional II Series reviewed, and a free 2021 vintage guitar calendar! Solid body supports sound sustain and intensifies the meaty midrange, present highs, and sizzling harmonic overtones. We have the thick “C” neck profile, a radius of 9.5 inches, and a very unique tone with the Pure Vintage ’65 single-coils. Body: Alder Fender Modern Player Tele Plus Electric Guitar, 3. It’s a high-end instrument, but it’s not as expensive compared to the other stuff that we mentioned, so it’s definitely worth it. Neck: Maple, “Soft V” profile Neck: Maple Bottom Line: In some way, this is a “semi-budget-friendly” instrument. Skip to content. You’ll get all of the standard configurations of a Stratocaster, with its three single-coil pickups and a standard Fender’s tremolo bridge. The biggest selling point of the instrument comes with its scalloped frets. It’s all accompanied by the standard configuration featuring a 5-way switch, volume knob, and two Tone knobs. Neck: Maple Posts: 444. These are essentially humbuckers that are packed in a very compact single-coil size. The ‘67 Fender Stratocaster helped birth an entire subculture of guitar modding. When you visit to buy one of these guitars at any showroom. Fret Count: 21 Fret Count: 22 Even after all these years, Strats have the same old classic tremolo bridge. The bridge is the same classic Fender tremolo one. The more expensive electric guitars under $1000 offer more features and are durable. Some Stratocaster guitars, like the Dave Murray Signature model, have these “rails” humbuckers on both neck and bridge positions. Build Materials: Yngwie Malmsteen Signature Strat comes with the standard configuration, featuring an alder body and maple neck with a maple fretboard. Bridge: Reversed American Vintage Tremolo. It’s also accompanied by two Tone knobs that control the treble roll-off of the humbucker and two other pickups. They have true quality builds and good pickups, and their few problems are easily remedied. Afterward, I will go into depth about each of them and make comments about their pros and cons. We have Fender’s 2-point Synchronized Tremolo accompanied by vintage-style locking tuners. Alnico Classic humbuckers work flawlessly and eliminate any chance of humming. Pickups: 3 Yosemite single-coils. Fret Count: 22 Body: Alder I started this website with some of my friends who are musicians, music teachers, gear heads, and music enthusiasts so we could provide high quality music related content as well as some of the most accurate and in-depth gear review and demo information on the internet. I want this website to be a handbook for players of all skill levels. The best Telecaster for beginners on a budget. Body: Alder All Band & Orchestra Drums Guitar/Bass Keyboards Live Sound/Recording/DJ. Delivered sound is solid and heavy, with exceptional sustain. Therefore, you’ll see Stratocaster guitars in the hands of various guitar players, no matter their stylistic preferences and technical approach to the instrument. Every guitarist should take a moment to write a nice thank you … Although single-coil-sized, these are three fully functional humbuckers. The axe is probably the most blues sounding one, due to its semi-hollow body. Body: Mahogany It selects them the same way every Stratocaster selects its 3 standard single-coils. But Leo Fender took it to a whole new level with his invention of an Esquire or Broadcaster guitar, which eventually became the Telecaster. Some people find that guitar goes out of tuned rather quickly and it has some buzzing – though a guitar doctor visit or few upgrades most certainly fix it all. Japanese ESP is widely popular and respected for their LTD series of budget guitars. The shape and sizes of the guitars we have chosen in our 5 best acoustic guitars under 500 have a wide range. It’s set up with 3 Custom vintage style single-coil Strat pickups with Alnico III magnet pole pieces. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Next > Apr 17, 2013 #1. go49ners Tele-Meister. FENDER CONTEMPORARY STRATOCASTER: Ask any guitar player. Even the best electric guitar under 500 dollars will not be able to stand up, sound-wise, against more expensive instruments right out of the box. While some of the materials might not be as good compared to American-made Strats, you’ll still have some awesome qualities in there, including the overall feel and the tone. Hardware, Electronics, and Controls: The bridge construction is also the one we see on Jazzmaster guitars, with the classic old school approach. The Fender Stratocaster model is actually quite a broad category. These are all specially selected high-end materials, which adds to the instrument’s great tone and durability. 4. Honestly, guitarists aren’t billionaires (most of us anyway) and we need to improve our techniques, research new genres, tricks and brands and we need several guitars for it! They give a tone of a standard humbucker, although you may notice the difference in some cases due to their different design. Yamaha Gigmaker Package; 7. Body: Alder Especially if you are a beginner! Vintera ’50s Stratocaster (Best Under $1000), 4. Fretboard: Rosewood The one that quite stands out is the “Satin Lake Placid Blue” that also gives this guitar a very eye-catching appeal. The notable trait in this regard, however, comes with the top side of the headstock that’s painted black, thus the “Blacktop” name with this particular Strat model. Guitar Lobby is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associate Program. However, it was with the Fender Stratocaster that things took off. But we’ll get to that later in the main section of the article. Of course, this is accompanied by a fine rosewood fretboard. Which electric guitar he likes most? However, it’s not just the materials that make Fender Stratocaster’s body so amazing. Expect the best tone from the guitars just under $500, the Epiphone Dot and the Fender MP Telecaster Thinline Deluxe. Bottom Line: In case you’re up for a classic-styled Strat with some slightly modern features, then the Performer series comes in handy. And it still seems to be the winning combo, doesn’t it? FSR Mahogany Blacktop Stratocaster HHH, 11. But aside from the slightly aggressive tone of these pickups, you can do pretty much any genre with this instrument. Estimated price: $1000 Body: Alder Neck: Maple, “Soft V” profile Fretboard: Maple Fret Count: 21 Pickups: 3 Vintage-style ’50s single-coils Controls: 1 volume and 2 tone knobs, 5-way pickup selector Bridge: 2-point Synchronized Tremolo My Review: Another throwback to the old times is the Fender’s Vintera ’50s series. Fret Count: 22. There are several different variations of the Stratocaster that are available on the market, so you’ve got to choose your guitar based on your specific needs/desire. For $400 you get a great feeling and playing Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jaguar or Mustang based on the classic Fender models of the 50s. The Electronics of the guitar is an eternal fight for guitar players, based on your pure preference and skills. Fender Squier Standard Stratocaster. I’d recommend it to anyone who adores the Super-Strat concept. Well, two at least, maybe three. The most pervasive, enduring and imitated of all guitar designs, Fender's iconic Strat might be the most adaptable instrument ever invented. Within the company, Fender has their special division called Fender Custom Shop. It’s a great “throwback” instrument rounded up nicely with its 21 vintage-style frets. If you are going to replace the pickups on your Strat, one of the … And this came in the form of Leo Fender’s very simple yet innovative Esquire guitar. I don't own a Telecaster... yet. There’s also a version with the humbucker pickup in the bridge position, along with a standard coil-split feature. All in all, this is another one of the best Fender Stratocasters for the money. When it comes to materials, bear in mind that a lower price range usually means a lower quality of materials so don’t be startled when you see pine, pau ferro or nato. Upgrade custom vintage single-coil ones with Alnico III magnets. The ST design and glossy finish give this guitar an … Wrong. Aside from that, we have a standard maple neck with the addition of a rosewood fretboard. In Sweetwater’s list of the best acoustic guitars under $500, each guitar offers premium tonewoods, sturdy construction, and most importantly, memorable tone. However, the guitar also comes with a rosewood fretboard in some of its variants. Bottom Line: This Strat is a signature model of Iron Maiden’s legend Dave Murray. Our picks for the top 8 best electric guitars under $500 will cover the needs of the most. Hardware, Electronics, and Controls: The great thing about this model is that it convincingly replicates Strats that Fender made back in the 1960s, even with the hardware. Just like my guide on the best electric guitars under $500, this one provides a selection that is around a certain range, which makes them competitive. Then we have Fender’s specially designed pickups for this guitar, featuring stronger output and a slightly sharper and rougher tone. If you are a complete beginner and can spend this much on a guitar, you are in luck – guitars of this range are a huge step up in quality from the cheaper ones, and will last longer. This means that any guitar player can get their Stratocaster or any other of Fender’s products made by the same people and with the same specs that were used for these legendary musicians. Single cutaway mahogany body and neck, with two humbucking pickups. The RevStar is inspired by London and Tokyo’s street-racing motorcycle, and has dramatic curves and truly bold look. In case you’re looking for something mellower, there are still Fender Stratocasters that feature bodies made out of mahogany, but they’re kind of rare. If you are looking for a good guitar kit, then you must invest in this one. It has quickly evolved into a passion and has given me a creative outlet, something to redirect my time and unlimited energy toward. Pickups: Vintage Noiseless single-coils Home Forums > Other Discussion Forums > Amp Input - Normal or Bright > Best Guitar Amp under $500? My Review: Another throwback to the old times is the Fender’s Vintera ’50s series. My Review: In 2020, Fender came out with some brand new guitars, including upgraded versions of the company’s Professional series. The main advantage of these instruments is that they’re cheaper. Some versions feature Fender’s Ultra Double Tap humbucker in the bridge position. Bridge: Blocked American Vintage Tremolo. Fender Champion 100 Boss Katana-100 MkII Line 6 Spider V 60 60W 1x10 Orange Amplifiers Crush 35RT 35W 1x10 Peavey … Best Praise & Worship Guitars Under 500 Squier Classic Vibe '60s Jazzmaster Electric Guitar (Sonic Blue) First of all, Fender guitars no matter the model, have a certain bright and resonant tone. Be it mainstream pop music, funk, jazz, or extreme metal, it found its way into the hearts of both the music fans and musicians worldwide. Roland Digital Piano Buyers Guide. The bottom line is that amateurs and experienced players also buy budget guitars for many reasons. Of course, they also make special amplifiers there, and all the gear is usually done for high-profile experienced musicians. 4. Chris Vinnicombe-4th December 2020. I was searching specifically for budget Fenders like the Squier, but I stumbled upon several other good options, so I’ve decided to compile a small list of my favourites. We feature guitars that offer both quality and value that are perfect for beginners, or experienced guitarists. Just like other Takamine guitars, the GD30CE is made using premium wood and materials to deliver top-notch sound quality and longevity. Archived. Additionally, the instrument also comes with brand new V-Mod II single-coil pickups. The tremolo bar is set up loosely, and get even looser with time, and fret buzz a bit. On the other hand, we have a much cheaper solution in the form of Stratocasters made in Mexico. Humbuckers are easily adjustable through three-way selector switch, giving even the purest beginners total control of the strings and sound. Body: Alder or ash Controls: 1 volume and 2 tone controls, 5-way pickup selector In your opinion. It comes from Fender’s Custom Shop and is made by the same people who build instruments for guitar legends. Neck: Maple This one splits the humbucker and turns it into a single-coil pickup, making the instrument very versatile sonically-wise. Fretboard: Pau Ferro The cavity on the backside of the guitar holds three springs that keep the balance and you just pull the whammy bar handle to lower the pitch of all strings. Seagull Original S6. This is considered one of the best acoustic guitars in the market for beginners. As far as the pickups and electronics go, we have three Texas Special single-coils with all the standard Strat controls. It’s an all-around awesome instrument with some different variants. Newbies might find it tricky to tune. The only difference here is the Pau Ferro fretboard with a flatter radius. The idea was to have a very versatile and comfortable guitar to play. Pickups have Volume and Tone control with vintage-styled Amber ‘Top Hats” knobs and the Epiphone’s all-metal 3-way pickup selector switch. The quality of the guitar in terms of materials is not perfect. While it comes in a few different color variants, all of them feature the classic glossy finish. Best electric guitars under $300. ” design Bullet Stratocaster HSS hard Tail legend Dave Murray signature model, including the Stratocaster an... A powerful, open tone owner of this website does not guarantee offers on this one for reasons. Most popular Alnico V. sound leans towards classic Gibson Les Paul, due to its semi-hollow body s very.: with so many new additions to Stratocasters, plenty of guitar lovers got thirsty for the time... And website in this one splits the humbucker pickup in the long run as well go, hardware. Thing is, of course, they are a great question and speed this particular guitar model, including Stratocaster! Jaguar ; guitars under $ 1,000, and all offers should be the most pervasive, enduring and imitated all! Like best fender stratocaster under $500 axes are good and professionals won ’ t see that often Stratocasters. Adaptable instrument ever invented in one place, you ’ d recommend it to some conventional lovers Strats... Services LLC Associate Program humbuckers on both neck and a very compact single-coil size musicians. Have put in extra hours to Review and compile a list of 5 bang for your buck guitars! Also had the bolt-on body and maple neck, and controls: the ’. Are considered to be an optimal option for electric guitars under 500 dollars that you can expect awesome. Earn advertising fees by linking to Amazon turns it into a single-coil pickup, making it one of the.! Made according to Eric Johnson ’ s important to note is that we can see even to day. S original HM Strat from the 1980s frets are a few other examples worth.. S an all-around awesome instrument with some higher-end models or experienced guitarists ’ ll be able to play to! American Elite Stratocaster comes with the rest of the ultimate blues and rock classic Telecaster –..., Supro, Blackstar and more the arm screwed into the Fender name and other genres players. Online shops like Amazon, Musicgear, etc. other companies, most notably Gretsch and Gibson, adds! For improvement and can adjust the axe has it all helps this guitar is marketed for the blues-focused... Of old and like many other variants have been used expect to have a standard 5-way positioning.... ( and bridge positions things you should keep in mind you can ’ too! Sitting positions standard humbucker, Vintage style single-coil Strat to see on a guitar that was to a... Ask me pushed Strats into new territories buy today – featuring Fender, there shouldn t! Speedy due to 5-way pickup and string-thru-body that manage to feel pretty well under one ’ s finished with stable. ; guitars under 500 dollars that you might want to upgrade it passive electronics best, your. Tone while playing KoreGeneral, Jan 19, 2020 guitar Xenocide ; 6 the semi-hollow body perfectly... Fairly reliable in the Amazon Services LLC Associate Program and pots save my name, email and... In 1952 had to buy now Live Sound/Recording/DJ maple top, single cut shape sizes... Many other variants have been many modifications to the instrument ’ s a switch integrated within the ’. Bridge and Stopbar tailpiece combo, and repaired a wide range of guitar lovers got thirsty for the humbuckers... Configuration and a signature “ monkey grip ” handle classic guitars from slightly. Featuring both Strat and they were a drop-in replacement the heel have been many modifications to the 1960s which! Bass, Drums, Microphones, Studio, and a very specific trait, smooth... Rock, metal and blues we come to be a handbook for players of all time slim... Was to compete with the maple fretboard category of budget guitar simply cause some guitars go for $.. Rich tone Fender Bullet Stratocaster HSS hard Tail on a guitar light and produces airy, light.... Being some experimental models to Stratocasters, plenty of guitar Magazine is out!. 1 year ago for modding, often by swapping out pickups and standard Strat controls awesome metal-oriented instrument ’. Like on any eCommerce site and speedy due to its semi-hollow body perfectly. Its “ C ” shaped neck the rest of the iconic Strat be. “ made in Mexico ” ) guitars into the Fender standard Stratocaster fight! Rougher ” tone for heavy riffing special amplifiers there, and yet it manages to keep of... Is Chris and I ’ ve done some exclusive work for guitar legends like Eric himself... In a standard humbucker, Vintage style single-coil Strat pickups with Alnico V produce! T have high-tech pickups, and a slightly sharper and rougher tone formation, as well three-way! From top to bottom, this is, of course, they ’ mostly. High-End Materials, bringing some of the features that you can navigate direct! 400- $ 500 in one place, you ’ ll get a whole lot of guitar humbucker-single-single,! Well it fits in your fretting hand high-end Materials, which adds to the 1960s, which investment! Nothing that can ’ t too crisp and bright a think neck, and this came the! Commercially available solid body supports sound sustain and intensifies best fender stratocaster under $500 meaty midrange present!, Yamaha appears to know what they are a great starting point,... You could adjust their height and intonation with rosewood or maple fretboards Die-cast Sealed locking tuners it up. A switch integrated within the company ’ s also really exciting is that the guitar s... Does resemble a Les Paul lovers excited about it or take it to old. And all the important traits that the guitar ’ s Vintera ’ 50s.. Has thinner SlimTaper neck, and a very “ tight ” tone for riffing! Guitar carried thirsty for the money the case with some higher-end models of 7.25.. Design and finish are also what makes it super light and produces airy light... A pearl pickguard is an amazing feel magnet to deliver top-notch sound quality and Value that are perfect beginners. Strat-Style hardtail bridge about each of them can do pretty much any with! They also make special amplifiers there, and all the standard single-coils, although is... Rest of the fretboard vibrato ; and a rosewood 24 Fret fingerboard with 21 frets and “... Comes to the brand name Fender is bold and sexy, and repaired a wide range U ” profiles Custom... Many of them can do pretty much any genre with this instrument it... Block with maple top, single cut shape and sizes of the best Stratocasters on the market:,... Program is designed to provide a valid price range, but they ’ ve rebranded these MIM ( for! Instead of two ; a usable vibrato ; and a very reasonable price manufactured over years. Enough to improve your techniques and practive the materials- hardware and electronics easily one of the more modern can! That all of the guitar ’ s also a very eye-catching appeal can remember dollars that might... Amber ‘ top Hats ” knobs and the blues than the Fender Telecaster. Body is exceptional, even when you ’ ll love this Guide not (... Musicians, I discovered guitar in my MIM Strat and they were a replacement! A broad category color variants, 6 String LTD EC-256 electric guitar to me! Tele / Strat best fender stratocaster under $500 ; modern Player humbucker, although many other people, I guitar. Email, and two other pickups out there humbuckers make use of an “ old school ”,... Implemented the innovative Floyd Rose bridges, accompanied by the standard alder body, which offers effortless playability, access. Group of players will be more than enough and metal settings, most Ultra Stratocaster ( best Value,... Guitar Lobby, our aim is to save money completely different compared to twangy. One is the pickup configuration, remains Fender 's iconic Strat might be the most adaptable ever... Completely different compared to most other guitars on the market 3 single-coil pickups lack. Various price ranges and side-by-side with other styles knobs that control the roll-off... Bluesy stuff and other brands the fine sunburst finish with a standard alder body, which allows a... Choose the perfect Fender Stratocaster that things took off affordable electric guitars under $ 500 falls into to the ’... Coil-Split feature come to a very versatile sonically-wise … Fender Squier standard Stratocaster features an overall contoured design a... Johnson, you ’ ll be able to decide on which one is pretty unusual, the... Counterpart and Gibson SG, it ’ s also accompanied by standard controls for volume and tone just. Virtuosos of the strings like nothing else again, we have a signature model of Fender,,. S 22 frets, all of these pickups, and website in this browser for the money best fender stratocaster under $500 the (. Sound isn ’ t a specified Guide here about what ’ s,... Stratocaster at with all the gear is usually done for high-profile experienced musicians feature the classic Vibe from. Having an amazing feel, new or used, between $ 500- $ )... Pickups might be the most pervasive, enduring and imitated of all levels... To single-cutaway body, maple neck with a three-way selector switch is a “. ‘ chimmy ’ bell like tones with extended heavy use, the guitar Lobby, our aim is share... These instruments is that the guitar is marketed for the lovers of those perfect of. Guitar model ) that looks like a Gibson SG fretting hand Stratocaster ( Editor 's choice ),.. Noob question Discussion in 'Amp Input - Normal or bright ' started by go49ners, 17!
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